MissionTech Solutions

We support national security leaders by harnessing the power of data and technology to solve complex mission challenges

About Us

We are a veteran-owned small business and digital natives who believe in mission.  Our biggest assets are our people and we obsess over finding and retaining top cleared talent by doing meaningful work and paying above market. 

We’ve worked in big firms, small firms, and for the government, and we designed MissionTech using the best aspects of each.  We run a lean infrastructure so that we can provide our employees with compensation packages that big companies can’t compete with.

Customers don’t hire us to maintain the status quo – that’s not what we do.  We partner with clients to get tough jobs done. We help solve the world’s toughest challenges and prepare our customers for tomorrow. We do our jobs with impartiality, ingenuity, objectivity, and urgency.

Our Services

Technology-driven Strategy and Change

Leveraging technology to achieve strategic objectives and drive change throughout organizations

Program and Financial Management

Developing and executing on sound plans to
achieve mission objective within budgetary constraints

Understanding the costs and value of your
resources, and how to optimize those resources to
achieve mission

Technology Evaluation and Deployment

Sorting through a crowded marketplace and
bridging the ‘valley of death’

Bridging the gap between commercial technology
trends and Government; bringing leading edge
technology to government customers

Data Strategy and Management

What data do you need?

What data do you or could (should?) you have?

What could you do with it?

How do you get there?

How can Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
help achieve your mission?

Working at MissionTech

Working with us is different. Every member of our team brings something unique to make us stronger, and we value that uniqueness. We also feel a responsibility to provide more than just a paycheck to our employees – we want people who are eager for personal and professional growth.

You may begin your journey with us because of our generous compensation, but we think you’ll stick with us because you love the work and your colleagues. We don’t just bill hours; we make a difference and an impact. We don’t just hire anyone with a clearance; we thoroughly vet and hand-select those with the right skills and personalities to make an impact on the most important missions in the world. 

Send our founders a note at jeffsme@missiontechsolutions.com and/or mscott@missiontechsolutions.com to learn more about why we truly believe we have designed MissionTech to be the best possible choice for cleared technical, functional, and strategic consulting talent.  

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