iNNOVATION The Promethean Process™

Revolutions begin with individuals who dare to imagine the future differently


Work diligently with government and industry partners to solve the toughest national security challenges through listening to pain points and desired outcomes


Courage to challenge conventional thinking, critically examining root causes of an issue and questioning the status quo of how technologies and processes are utilized​


Partnerships with stakeholders to build effective, tailored solutions and instill innovation in the organizational culture that pays off well after the engagement​


MissionTech’s Promethean Process™ benefits national security professionals ‘who dare to imagine the future differently’ by providing meticulous, yet adaptable, structure for solving the national security sector’s toughest challenges with both proven best practices and emerging technologies. The Promethean Process™ delivers the discipline and tools necessary for innovation, clearly delineating the required information and decision points to ensure all relevant stakeholders, from end users to executive leadership, are conscientiously engaged to ensure project success. Moreover, the framework shapes MissionTech’s engagements into true partnership opportunities wherein clients are equipped with the essential skills and tools to continuously improve and innovate, well after engagement ends.

Step 1: Problem Identification

Recognizing that every client faces unique circumstances and problems, MissionTech never assumes that we instantly know the answer or that we already have a pre-developed solution. Our immediate focus is to fully understand and clearly articulate our client’s problem.

Step 2: Solutioning & Prototyping

MissionTech collaborates with our client to develop and test numerous potential solutions to the problem. Experienced MissionTech professionals lead this solutioning and prototyping and are informed by stakeholder input.

Step 3: Solution Development

Once our client chooses the best solution, MissionTech works tirelessly with stakeholders to comprehensively develop a capability that can be iteratively implemented and a deployment plan based on leading change management practices.

Step 4: Full Solution Deployment

We empower the client to successfully implement and adopt the full solution, ensuring seamless integration with the client’s overall network and business processes by monitoring key performance indicators and feedback to support iteration of a solution that achieves its desired goals.

Step 5: Project Closeout

Before closing the project, MissionTech verifies we have fully met our client’s needs – delivering a solution that solves the identified problem, assisting in the transition of the project to operations and maintenance, and sharing lessons learned to benefit future initiatives.

BENEFITS Extensive Success & Extensive Experience

The benefit of the Promethean Process™ is further enhanced by the broad success and experience of MissionTech professionals who continuously earn client trust by executing against challenging requirements in an increasingly resource-constrained environment. MissionTech deploys top-caliber talent with a vast network of professional relationships to provide an unrivaled client experience, in-person or remotely.

Proven Methodologies

We curate and employ a variety of commercial and Government best practice methodologies, including AWS Well-Architected Framework, Agile, and Change Management

Stakeholder Focused

From problem articulation through solution deployment, we partner with all stakeholders to ensure we understand every relevant issue and achieve necessary buy-in across the organization

Versatile Applications

Adaptable to our clients’ unique needs and timelines, we can spearhead comprehensive solutioning or focus on niche requirements in a broader program, in-person or remotely​